NOBEL-B 43561

Premiumline 26: Time Meets Timelessness

Tone-on-tone kitchen design create a traditional meet smart kitchen. It combines timeless kitchen design through the classic front and modernity with smart kitchen technology.

The look and feel emanate a cosy kitchen vibe perfect for a quick mingle. The L-shaped kitchen layout with a kitchen island provides numerous storage for all your kitchen tools. The kitchen storages include two-door cabinets and glass door cabinets.

The two-door cabinets or single-door cabinets are equipped with shelves and pull-out drawers for better kitchen organisations.

The glass door cabinets can be used to showcase your kitchen trinkets or any valuable possessions you want to show with your guests.

Plus, the dining table near your kitchen island allow better mingling space perfect for a sit-down spontaneous get-together.