Getting to Know Built-in Branded Kitchen Appliances: Siemens Induction Cooktop

siemens induction cooktop

With a lot of kitchen appliance brands to choose from, it could take you days to decide on which brands you should go for. To help you decide we will be featuring a series of kitchen brands to help you get to know them better. To start with, here is Siemens kitchen appliance.


Takes pride in award-winning designs and smart technologies, Siemens home appliances provide home transformation to inspire your life.

The Siemens kitchen appliance is uncluttered and timeless perfect for simple yet profound kitchen design. And one of their offering to the world is an induction cooktop.

What is an Induction Cooktop?

An induction cooktop works with an electromagnet providing distributed heat directly to your cookware. The heating system works through magnetic metals creating electric current producing heat.

Are New Pots and Pans required?

It is advised. The induction cooktop works best with stainless steel or cast iron to work well with the magnetic materials found in one.

To ensure if your pots and pans can be used, do a magnetic test. Just simply stick a magnet on the bottom of your cookware, if it sticks then it is doable.

Siemens Induction Cooktop

The Siemens Studioline iQ700 Induction Cooktop is a revolutionary in the kitchen scene enabling you to cook without limitations.

Witness how it works together with Sofie and explore the wonders of Siemens Induction Cooktop:

The simple animations are like that seen on an Apple phone. Using one will be as easy as using your smartphone enabling you to cook conveniently.

Its big surface feature called the freeInduction allows you to cook in any space of the cooktop while only supplying heat to either a small pan or large roasting pot for ultimate freedom in cooking.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Safety features perfect for kids. No placed pans, no heat distributed. Saves cost and avoid burn accidents.
  • Safe for the environment. Less usage on unsustainable fossil fuels and more dependent on natural resources like the sun and wind which produces solar and wind power into electricity.


  • High-priced for its value.
  • No cooking when the power goes out.
  • Creates a humming noise louder than other hobs.

Over to you…

In the UK, with their aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in 2050, they have encouraged the usage of electric hobs. And one thing you could do for the environment and the future generation is to make the right decision. Choose an induction cooktop and live in a cleaner, better environment.

Ready to embrace and start thinking of the future? Just leave us a message and will be happy to arrange you with our Siemens iQ700 induction cooktop or choose from our finest range of induction cooktops. Happy cooking!

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