Convenience at its Finest Introduces Smart Kitchens

Convenience at its Finest Introduces Smart Kitchens

With technology advancement already making its way into our home and hearts, smart kitchens are not one to be neglected.

What is Smart Kitchen?

Smart kitchens are designed to save energy and time. Not only does it promote eco-friendliness and energy efficiency, but it is also now possible that produced devices have multi-purpose intent for optimum kitchen use.

Plus, with its feature being connected to the internet, all your kitchen supplies can be tracked and even allow you to stream food recipe while simultaneously cooking conveniently in your no-burn feature induction hob.

To further enlighten you about the convenience of a smart kitchen, here’s an infographic created by Visualistan and see the benefits and advantages of embracing one:

The Smart Kitchen Of The Future Is Here #Infographic
You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

A Taste of Figures

In 2013, the global smart kitchen appliances market was worth $476.2 million (£385.1 million). By 2022, it is expected to be worth over $2.7 billion (£2.2 billion).

The largest growth has been in smart refrigerators with the segment predicted to be worth $768.2 million (£621.3 million) by 2020.

Over to you…

Now, you are scanning your kitchen, looking into every bit of the tools you currently own and why it looks as though things aren’t as smart as it should be. No worries, we are here to help just leave us a message and let us start planning the smart kitchen you deserve.

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