Sustainable Kitchens: 5 Reasons Why Environment-friendly Kitchens is the New Kitchen

Riva 2101 Kitchen Design

A conscious choice of choosing a sustainable kitchen is like your pledge to providing a better tomorrow for the next generation. Functional kitchens should not harm anything or anyone so be guided with this write-up and make the responsible choice of choosing an environment-friendly kitchen.

1. Conscious Choice of Using Wood from Sustainably Managed Forests

We source our wood products from Ballerina Kitchens who is committed to a liveable environment. The woods they use are guaranteed by PEFC wherein no more wood is chopped down than is regrown and came from sustainably managed forests.

2. Conscious Choice of Using Standard and Environment-Friendly Woods

Ceramic 7850 Kitchen Design
Ceramic 7850 Kitchen Design

The woods used in the construction of the cabinets and other kitchen fixtures have passed formaldehyde-reduced CARB2/TSCA P2-standard which ensures a healthy indoor climate in your kitchen.

3. Conscious Choice of Choosing a Responsible Kitchen Manufacturer

We support Ballerina Kitchens in creating a harmonious environment for a healthy future through their production-engineering expertise:

  • The changeover to energy-saving production technologies
  • The use of recycled materials, chipboard
  • Generating heat by using residual wood

4. Conscious Choice of Using LED Lamps with Energy Labels of A++, A+, or A

Top 1576 Kitchen Design
LED Lamps used in Top 1576 Kitchen Design

LED lamps with energy labels of A++, A+, or A are high-quality lights with lower energy consumption. Save electricity and at the same time be gentle on the environment.

5. Conscious Choice of Choosing a Reliable Kitchen even After Many Years

Nobel-S 44469 Kitchen Design
Nobel-S 44469 Kitchen Design

Investing in your future should always be worth it. Our kitchens are supplied by Ballerina Kitchens who has been awarded LGA QualiTest GmbH GS mark. It has undergone strict tests with regard to safety, load-bearing capacity, material consistency, and convenience in use resulting in high-quality standard kitchens.

Ready to make the responsible choice? Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to take part in your journey to a better future.

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