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7 Kitchen Cabinet Colors Invading your Home in 2020

Smart 4001-Matte Black kitchen cabinet

2020 is just around the corner and for the kitchen industry 2020 means new ones and old ones are coming your way. Plus, if you’re thinking to renovate your kitchen why not start with the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are not only food storages but can now be taken up a notch into a creative design […]

11 Convenient New Concepts from Ballerina Kitchens for your Kitchen

Top 1601 Kitchen Design

Ballerina Kitchens have been a good place to look for inspiration for your kitchen and we at Cattleya Kitchens is a dedicated partner to supply you with only the finest kitchen convenience. And with their new line set to be released in 2020, let us start to get to know them in advance: 1. Warmly […]

Convenience at its Finest Introduces Smart Kitchens

Convenience at its Finest Introduces Smart Kitchens

With technology advancement already making its way into our home and hearts, smart kitchens are not one to be neglected. What is Smart Kitchen? Smart kitchens are designed to save energy and time. Not only does it promote eco-friendliness and energy efficiency, but it is also now possible that produced devices have multi-purpose intent for […]