TOP 1466

Top 1466 - Comfort Kitchen Design
Sliding coffee maker Top 1466 Kitchen Design
Liftboy system in Top 1466 Kitchen Design
Layered shelving inside cabinet Top 1466 Kitchen Design

Functional Kitchen in Bauhaus Style

Front: opal concrete effect

The simplistic approach in concrete effect with graphite black surroundings is the Top 1466 boastful feature. Exuding Bauhaus style, the main focus is on functionality and design in one. 
With convenience in mind comes comfort features not only useful for the elderly but also to the younger people. With its cabinets fitted in wall units integrated with liftboy system and rotating shelves for an easy reach of all your kitchen tools. Plus, the recessed sink sliding door storage feature used for storing all your dishwashing needs or just keep your alcoholic beverages away from plain sight.