mineral 40406

Dark Concrete Smart / RESOPAL-PRO 31036 Dark Powder Supermatt / TOP 1651 Dark Maron Reproduction

This formal clarity and colourful reduction emphasize the character of the materials used, including Smartbeton, Resopal®, dark maroon wood, and glass. The restrained colour scheme adheres to the architecture’s formal principles.

A large-format wall cabinet with an island and bar in front is at the heart of this handle less design. SMARTBETON is a new, environmentally friendly hand-trowelled surface made of ground quartz, graphite, feldspar, mica, and other minerals.

Elegant and functional decorative cereal dispensers hang on the wall. It’s a joy to eat healthy with glass chutes and gourmet pullouts for bread, vegetables, and fresh sprouts. Hailo Micro Garden provides freshly harvested sprouts to complement a variety of foods and beverages. Such distinctive features distinguish this living room design.