SMART-M 4641 - Studio Type

Dark Elegance Multiroom Concept

The perfect complete set-up for a bachelor, needs to meet Smart-M 4641. It promises dark elegance contrasted with a wood look for a contemporary multifunctionality design suitable for cooking, living, and working at home.

Every kitchen gadget in this loft not only provide one purpose but boast multiple uses perfect for a studio apartment. This set-up features RoomBase, HomeTool, and FreeMobile all thanks to the genius of Michael Hilgers, MultiRoom concept.

The RoomBase is strategically placed in between the kitchen and the living room to separate each rooms. It also provides you with your own workstation and more storage space.

The HomeTool is your rectangular practical all-around additional bar. It is equipped with a wardrobe closet, clothes drawer, and instant table to function as your workstation.

The U-shaped kitchen layout has a lot of storage possibilities thanks to its tall cabinets and open shelving. The kitchen bar is equipped with a swiveling table to provide more space in case needed. Under the sink, hides the separated trash bins for tidy a cooking space.