Sustainable Kitchens: 5 Reasons Why Environment-friendly Kitchens is the New Kitchen

Riva 2101 Kitchen Design

A conscious choice of choosing a sustainable kitchen is like your pledge to providing a better tomorrow for the next generation. Functional kitchens should not harm anything or anyone so be guided with this write-up and make the responsible choice of choosing an environment-friendly kitchen…

Cattleya x Just Tap Plus Giveaway – Terms and Conditions


Conditions of participation 1. Subject of the conditions of participation and organizer (a) These conditions of participation regulate the conditions for participation in the competition and any necessary transfer of rights. The description and the procedure of the respective competition are part of the respective competition campaign on the Instagram and Facebook page of Cattleya […]

5 Gorgeous Carousel Metal Fittings Installed in a Kitchen

Kenton Road Finished Project

Reaching the back of our cabinet is quite a daunting task. To optimise the cabinet you use up all spaces in the back but regretted it eventually due to spoilage of most stocked products. As a way to help you maneuver in your cabinet, we are happy to accommodate your needs with the carousel metal […]