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Ballerina Kitchens: A Closer Look to Top 1601 Kitchen Design | Cattleya Kitchens

Ballerina Kitchens: A Closer Look to Top 1601 Kitchen Design

Top 1601-Kitchen Design

Continuation feature of new kitchen designs from Ballerina Kitchens presents Top 1601. In today’s interest, everything should be cleverly designed. Every space should be optimised. Good thing this Top 1601 kitchen design meets just that.

It is the perfect combination of SMART Glas and RITZENHOFF designer that provides a new style in home living and furnishing.

Get to know the beauty of Top 1601 and see its amazing features:

1. SMART Glas Front Material

This material allows your reminders to be written on the cabinets or can be drawn on when you’re bored. Your household items should adjust to you not the way around.

It is like your personal chalkboard but upgrading into a white-board like finish to avoid using chalks and use whiteboard pens instead.

2. Drawer-in-drawer Storage

What better way to optimise your drawer than having a drawer-in-drawer design that purposely caters to varying sizes of your kitchen tools, crockery, and even kitchen spices.

The design is to create a bigger drawer that can accommodate another drawer to fully optimise the upper free space of the initially created drawer.

3. Ritzenhoff Designer Back Liner

Who could say no to these diagonal lines that create the feeling of constantly moving that somehow resembles your lifestyle and reminds you to just keep moving.

The kitchen is always the busiest place in every household it helps that your kitchen reflects your lifestyle and unconsciously motivates you to always move.

4. Personal Vanity Space

When space is limited you have to be clever enough to allow integration of all the things you need. Just like this personal vanity space that is designed beside your kitchen allowing instant powder room.

To fully view this kitchen design, here is the full photo compilation of Top 1601 kitchen design.

Over to you…

Ready to experience the perfect blend of practical convenience and luxuriousness? Book an appointment and allow us to achieve your dream kitchen together. Happy cooking!

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