Why You Should Hire a Kitchen Fitter Near You?

If you ever Googled “kitchen fitters near me” you are suggested with a list of kitchen fitters near you that would help you to start your research from there, create a budget, and select a person/team to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

To further set your mind on the right track, here’s a list of reasons to prove choosing a kitchen near you is better than hiring someone far away (*results may vary)

1. Getting in Touch with a Nearby Kitchen Fitter Means Less Travel Cost

If you live around Ealing and search “Kitchen Showroom Ealing” on Google, you will be shown a list of kitchen fitters like us to help you create your ideal kitchen. Fewer travel costs mean more kitchen budget.

What sets us apart from our competitors; we will appoint you your own designer who will then guide, help, and work alongside you throughout the process to achieve your bespoke kitchen.

2. Range of Luxurious Quality Kitchen Supplies

Range of Luxurious Quality Kitchen Supplies - Cattleya Kitchens

We offer a range of luxurious and top-of-the-line quality kitchen supplies from Siemens, Neff, Ballerina Kitchens, and more, to not only provide you with a beautiful kitchen but a practical and functional one.

Choosing branded quality kitchens allow you to have peace of mind on your investment as they offer a year of warranty* and a lifetime guarantee*.

3. Design Revisions can be Catered, No Hassle

If you have changes or alterations you want to consult the possibility, you can email, chat, or call us but going into the showroom and having a seat-down meeting allows us to create ideas together and see firsthand samples of the materials to be used before making any final decisions.

Sending packages back and forth is okay too but the time it will consume will make the renovation a lot longer than expected and more costly.

4. Faultless Dream Kitchen Achieved

Ceramic 7865 Kitchen Design
Ceramic 7865 – Grey and Blue Kitchen

Since sample items are seen beforehand, the seat down meeting already tackled kitchen design amendments, and finishing touches are already discussed, it just leaves you with a faultless kitchen designed specifically for you with real satisfaction.

The duration/timeframe of the renovation will also be discussed to achieve a hassle-free experience while the work is ongoing.

Over to you…

Thinking of renovating your kitchen soon but worried about cost, quality, and downtime? No worries, here at Cattleya Kitchens, we try our best to provide the kitchen you deserve on a budget worthy of your investment. Talk to you soon!

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